After you add your bank accounts, we'll return your associated credit cards. Sometimes the information we get back from the banks can be a little funky! So, we just like to make sure we get things straight. We call this: Card Matching.

1) You'll be given as much info as we get and asked to match the cards in your wallet to those in our database. Click on the arrow shown below to be given a search bar and dropdown list.

2) Once you've found your card, click on it. If we don't have your card, click on My card is not listed. Then click, Save Cards.

Sweet! We've matched your cards.

If we don't have your card, don't worry, we're constantly working to include more cards in our database. If you really can't believe we don't have your card, then feel free to message us on Intercom and we'll be happy to take a look!

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