Although Birch is able to automatically sync up with credit cards from over 9,500 institutions, our banking partners usually don't share the types of rewards card your accounts are.

We do our best to look at the name of your cards and automatically determine which cards they are, but because this isn't always 100%, we ask you to match your cards in your Birch wallet to cards that we support in our database. This allows Birch to know which reward cards you have and how to calculate rewards correctly. 

If you're noticing that Birch isn't calculating rewards for certain purchases, this is the first step to fixing the problem. Follow the steps below to make sure your cards are matched properly:

Card Matching on the Birch iOS App

1    Tap on the wallet icon. Tap on the settings gear at the top left to see the full list of accounts connected

2     You should see a list of all of your accounts on this screen. Tap on the institution which contains the credit card that isn't matched properly

3     Tap on the box that says "No Card Matched". This means that we don't actually know which type of rewards card this is, therefore we're unable to track rewards properly.

4      You'll then see a list of support rewards cards to match this account to

5     Search for your card and tap on it to match it to the right account

That's it! Check your other accounts. If you don't see an image next to the card that's usually a good sign that your card isn't matched. If we don't have your card listed, please reach out to Birch support to get your card added.

Card Matching on Web

1     Click on the wallet icon at the top right corner of your screen

2     Click on the account that has the credit card which isn't tracking rewards properly. In this example we will use Bank of America again. Hover over the card image and choose "Edit Details"

    Select the dropdown and search for your card from the list of supported cards

4     Once you select your card, click on it and select "Save Cards". If your card is not listed, please reach out to our team by clicking on the chat bubble

That's it! Please let us know if you run into any issues. 

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